ēst. runāt. smieties.

*eat. talk. laugh. it was an honour to host such a great seafood paradise event guided by ambassador of oysters in Latvia, Martins Reinis. We matched some great champagnes to it, so above all it was an evening to enjoy the company of guests and of course eat OUT.


Pikantā “Ķirzakzivs” uzkoda

“Vannamei” garneles ar Charles Dufour Benjamine 2.0 šampanieša/zelta aioli

Svilināts dzeltenspuru tuncis, austeru lapas, “wakame” aļģes, “stir-fry” fenhelis Āzijas notīs

Gliemeņu buljona kokospiena zupa ar “mikro” garnelēm, sniega zirņiem un saldā tunča skaidām

Svaigas austeres / Portugāle-Francija-Nīderlande / piedevās:

  1. gurķis+džins
  2. zemene +laims+timuta pipars
  3. “kaisles” auglis
  4. arbūzs
  5. roze

Atvēsinoša Indijas riekstu siera kūka ar mango un priežu čiekuru sīrupu, papildināts ar zelta rozīnēm, mandelēm, rabarberu.


#travelnotes visiting Jérôme Prévost house in the vineyards

There are a handful of wines in Champagne that have attracted a nearly cult-like following. One of the most sought-after of these is the meunier of Jérôme Prévost. Prévost established his La Closerie estate in 1987, when he inherited a parcel of vines from his grandmother, who had previously been renting out her vineyard rather than cultivating it herself.

Prévost makes only one wine, which, ignoring the aforementioned 20 ares of co-plantation, is always from a single variety (meunier), a single vineyard (Les Béguines) and a single vintage. Prévost’s two hectares of 40-year old meunier vines are all located within a single vineyard, Les Béguines, located in the village of Gueux. The winemaking is as natural as the vinegrowing.

During Le Printemps des Champagnes in April, we met in Epicerie au Bon Manger and were invited to his new winery/house, which turned out to be a great lunch, full of laughter, great design and minimalistic architecture…well it’s just 3 months since he moved in with his wife Agnes.



Modernists is very proud to hold the title “BEST PRESENTATION IN BALTIC COUNTRIES” + announced as TOP 3 by Baltic Wine List Award international jury. Modernists is the first champagne shop/bar in Baltics representing menu of boutique champagnes exclusively.


Baltic Wine List
Baltic Wine List

Baltic Wine List Awards is created to discover and spotlight Baltic restaurants with good, great and extraordinary wine lists at a time when the appreciation for wine is becoming an integral part of Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian cultures.

Photo : Baltc Wine Lists


Peter Liem visiting Modernists

World’s most notable author and Champagne expert Peter Liem (champagneguide.net) visited Modernists last week! We welcomed him at #houseofmodernists with conversations about… champagne of course and served  or own Modernists Champagne with number “003” aka third bottle ever made from 220 in total. What an honour!

Peter Liem

Peter Liem Modernists

Peter Liem Modernists


Peter Liem Instagram

Thank you Riga Wine & Champagne for this great surprise!




Champagne Meets Art / Mārtiņš Pīlēns x Helēna Heinrihsone

On March 8th, in courtesy of Riga Wine & Champagne, four of Latvia’s most celebrated artists showcased their favorite champagnes, their art, and found the most appropriate dish for every champagne with the help of Latvia’s leading sommeliers and Biblioteka No 1 team.

Pairing for champagne ambassador Mārtiņš Pīlēns – mesmerising and color loving artist Helēna Heinrihsone. They met at her studio to discover champagnes, talk art and make conversations about everything between.

champagne meets art

champagne meets art


champagne meets art

champagne meets art

Apollonis (Michel Loriot) Les Sources du Flagot 2007 Blanc de Blancs and Laurent Benard Vendange 2010 were the two champagnes Helēna Heinrihsone loved the most and made a pairing to her artwork!

Riga Wine Champagne Modernists

Riga Wine Champagne ModernistsRiga Wine Champagne Modernists

Riga Wine Champagne Modernists

Riga Wine Champagne Modernists   Riga Wine Champagne Modernists  Riga Wine Champagne Modernists

Photo : Riga Wine & Champagne

Modernists CHAMPAGNE

Champagne served / private party for BEAUTY CLOUD










Champagne s’il vous plait! With Les Parcelles Bouzy Grand Cru and Apollonis Champagne Michel Loriot served by Mr. Martins Pilens, MODERNISTS welcomed beautiful ladies to celebrate grand opening for new magazine BEAUTY CLOUD.






Photos : Agnija Grigule


Mārtiņdiena / TOP 7 Champagnes served by Mārtiņš Pīlēns




Champagne served / LAST DAY OF AUGUST


Yet another #houseofmodernists party! This time the last one of the summer season were two ladies, true fashion lovers Agnija and Bettie introduced everyone with their collection of embroidered t-shirts aka LAST DAY OF AUGUST. .. and we welcomed them and their guests with the very best of champagne!


PHOTO : Agnija Grigule

XIII Champagnes selected by Kaspars Gorkšs


Champagne served / Deep White family gathering

We do hold house parties, especially pleased if they are so elegant as latest for ad agency DEEP WHITE. Champagne was flowing and an entertaining lecture by Mr Martins Pilens satisfied every champagne lover…indeed!

Photo: deep white

Champagne time at Place 11

This week we celebrated opening of Place 11 – office building with a fantastic panoramic view of Riga. Champagne served and introduced by first champagne bar in Baltics Modernists aka Mr Martins Pilens. #letstalkoffice #modernistschampagne


CHAMPAGNE NIGHT with the champion



MANEKI-NEKO house party

3rd opening edition of Modernists ended up late… after midnight. We are thankful and happy to have so cool people visiting. We would not be HERE without you! Champagne s’il vous plait! Our design & boutique champagne shop/bar is now officially OPEN!

WHY MANEKI-NEKO if you wonder? Well, it’s a very personal story. The cat is a prototype of our beloved daughter Frida, who had her first names day yesterday and her favourite movement is waving the right hand. GOOD LUCK, folks!


Foto: Agnija Grigule


Champagne weekend with Monsieur Charles Dufour

For the vey first days of opening champagne shop/bar Modernists, we invited our dear friend and a great champagne maker Charles Dufour to introduce his champagnes. What a tasting and weekend we all shared…

Charles Dufour and founder of Modernists Martins Pilens

Martins posing for founder of Riga Wine&Champagne festival Aigars Nords and champagne enthusiast Edgars Karelis

Owner of Image House Janis Peide & TV presenter Greta Gorjucko

Charles Dufour

Martins Pilens with Kristaps Karklins

Owners of the “house” Martins Pilens and Santa Pilena

Architect Zaiga Gaile chatting over champagne with Martins Vanags


Anda Karklina with Mr Dufour

Happy to serve you!

Modernists šampanieša degustācija: Selected for Marella

Marta sākumā, jaunā Marella veikala atklāšanas pasākumā tirdzniecības centrā Spice, ar degustāciju un lekciju par boutique tipa šampaniešiem uzstājās Modernists saimnieks, arhitekts un vīnzinis Mārtiņš Pīlēns : “Esmu pagodināts, ka varējām būt daļa no zīmola Marella dzīvesstila, kas ietver sevī kā svētkus, tā ikdienu. Gluži tāpat kā Modernista filozofija par to, kas ir šampanietis! Es mīlu teikt: “šampanietis ir dzēriens, ko baudīt ikvienā dzīves situācijā!”

Viesiem ne tikai bija iespēja noklausīties Mārtiņa stāstīto, bet arī nobaudīt un iepazīt divus izcilus, īpaši šim pasākumam piemeklētus šampaniešus – Charles Dufour nr.4 un Larmandier-Bernier Longitude. 

Champagne Tasting Modernists

Modernists Boutique Champagne


Foto : no personiskā arhīva, Polhem PR.


Ražas svētki ģimenes vīna darītavā Abavas

Foto: Santa Pīlēna