Agnese the MUSE

If there is a muse for fashion designers, then editor-in-chief of conceptual mag Benji Knewman, Agnese, is an inspiration of Modernists. Since our first day she’s been with us, and is a true ambassador of Modernists design furniture. Recently, she was interviewed by one of our selected by Modernists brands Scandinavian //Ferm Living//. Here is a sneak peek, but you can find the full “set” in the LINK.

Selected by Modernists and by Agnese:

Ferm Living flower pot

Thonet iconic chair

Eiermann table by Richard Lampert

Tom Pouf in green by Richard Lampert



We are very excited to announce Thonet as a NEW brand represented at Modernists design showroom!

Thonet today, as in the past, is considered a pioneer of furniture design throughout the world. The company was established in 1819 by Michael Thonet to produce his own designs, using the then new bentwood process, which he developed. Within a short period of time it became a major furniture manufacturer with a global distribution network.


In the 1930’s a major expansion took place with the addition of tubular steel furniture from famous Bauhaus associated designers such as Mart Stam, Marcel Breuer and Mies van der Rohe. Today, as well as continuing with the manufacture of many of the tubular steel and bentwood classics, Thonet, in their long established tradition of innovation and design quality, introduce products by renowned contemporary architects and designers.





” Nils Holger Moormann is like his furniture, his furniture is like him: ascetic, intelligent, humorous and stubborn. Whoever buys it, soon realizes it’s like inviting a wayward child into the home, one whose devotion needs first to be earned. But it will last a lifetime. ”

Nils Holger Moormann has developed furniture pieces in the “New German Design” style since 1982. With young, unknown designers and their own creative department, he designed furnishings with clean lines and a minimalist design language. A special feature of Moormann is that the distribution of classics such as the Moormann FNP shelving system is exclusively carried out by regional companies. In this way, Nils Holger Moormann and his staff can monitor the production process in detail and also strengthen the region. Nils Holger Moormann helps ambitious young designers who are taking their first tentative steps. Conventional living concepts are permanently brought into question and enriched by new ideas.



Latvian Design Award 2018

We are proud to be TOP FINALIST at Latvian Design Award with interior design and visual identity.

Latvian Design Award is an annual national design industry competition, whose goals are to identify, judge and promote the best accomplishments of Latvian designers, thus facilitating the use of design created in Latvia and long-term development and growth of the Latvian design sector.


The competition is the biggest event of the year in Latvian design to have been recognised as an initiative of national importance, and the award itself is the highest award in the Latvian design sector. The competition is open to organisations and private individuals that use design as a driving force for innovation and create products or services.

The competition is being organised by the H2E Design Studio in collaboration with the Republic of Latvia’s Ministry of Culture, the Latvian National Museum of Art’s Decorative Art and Design Department, and the Art Academy of Latvia.



GREAT selection of the highlights

In the last month Modernists team visited two big design related fairs – IMM Cologne 2018 and Stocholm Furniture Fair 2018. We have some DETAILS CAPTURED presented by or long-term friends and guests at Modernists showroom – Richard Lampert, Please Wait To Be Seated, New Tendency, Anour, String …Kvadrat and Frama. Please enjoy!

IMM Cologne 

IMM Cologne Modernists


Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Modernists ON THE COVER of Deko magazine

We teamed up with the most cool interior design magazine DEKO and created a LIVE cover. It becomes LIVE once you pass Modernists shop window. So you can choose – window shopping or just ENTER and meet our creative duo – set designer/Modernists creative director Santa Pilena and architect Martins Pilens, who create and share trendy urban interiors, filled with iconic and timeless design furniture.


  • BABETTE suspension lamp from Torremato by designer Cristina Celestino, 485€
  • EIERMAN TABLE from Richard Lampert by designer Egon Eiermann, 1404€
  • RIVET ROCKER trolley from Bordbar, from 1329€
  • MODERNISTS Mobile Board from Modernists Design,
  • MAX BILL table clock from Junghans, 475€
  • GOZANGA tiles from Fornace Brioni by designer Cristina Celestino, from 66 to 266€ m2


Everything from cover photo, advice collums and even LIVE COVER at Modernists K.Barona 31 is now done! Thank you for this great collaboration, DEKO!


Modernists is officially open! To kick start our first #projektsdarbistaba – project that showcases a perfect modern office interior inspired by real or fictional character …. we choose fiction – DON DRAPER from TV series MAD MEN to be precise! Our vision is to create that perfect workspace, wether it’s a place you daily travel to OR stay at home in your comfy luxury leather slippers and work from study. Our first edition is in the mood of 60’s  – from decor elements to colours and placement of our beloved design pieces. WELCOME to layered modernism at MODERNISTS!

  • *MAD MEN – a drama about one of New York’s most prestigious ad agencies at the beginning of the 1960s, focusing on one of the firm’s most mysterious but extremely talented ad executives, Donald Draper. The set design has won several design awards and is almost unbelievable to realise they actually NOT REAL INTERIORS.

Mad Men Modernists

Photos : Beate Ligere, AMC,

MODERNISTS design and boutique champagne shop/bar edition #1

Atmosphere that radiates elegance, intelligence and stands for fresh and clear approach in the field of interior design. Modernists is not just a design furniture showroom, it reflects our lifestyle needs for COMFORT, SOCIALIZING and BESPOKE interiors, infused with a drop of champagne. First introduced in 2014 as a small design boutique, Modernists has outgrown in a trendy space that connects people from different backgrounds, who all share love for contemporary, urban living.

Founded and opened after reconstruction by architect Martins Pilens and his wife Santa, who both share one vision, values and love for sophisticated luxury built on quality and craftsmanship, can now be summarized as LAYERED MODERNISM.

We offer on site showroom with latest design trends and inspiring interior examples, champagne shop with the widest offer in Latvia, complemented with a trendy champagne bar. Almost every object featured in the showroom/bar is for sale.

To serve the needs of our clients, we are available for pre-booked appointments to guide through our product range or work upon individual projects.

Photos: Beate Ligere

trends to look for in 2017

We checked in with VOGUE for their biggest decorating trends for 2017 and with an extra editing from Modernists, created a list of 7 trends to take and add to your office space this year. They are chic, inspiring, and don’t require a complete renovation.


Eiermann Table and green H57 lounge chair from Richard LampertMayor Sofa from &tradition


Willmann Vase from MenuFly Table SC5 and SC4 from &tradition


Palette JH8 table and True Colour Vase LP6 from &tradition

3 Legged Chair SE42 from Wilde+Spieth; Formakami JH3, JH4 and JH5 lamp grom &tradition

Willenz Volume rug from Menu ; Cup chair from Richard Lampert



Cloud Three Seater from &tradition ; H57 lounge chair from Richard Lampert


Bon Ton lamps from Cristina Celestino; Bollard lamp and Dancing Pendant from Menu


Photo : Richard Lampert, Pinterest, &tradition, Menu, Torremato

creative space 002




Photo :, Wilde+Spieth, &tradition


creative space 001



Photo : Pinterest, &TRADITION, Anour, Richard Lampert

Office that combines tradition, new technologies and iconic design

Brands presented: Richard Lampert, Wilde+Spieth, &tradition, New Tendency, Ophelis, Byok, Ahrend, MyKilos, String Furniture, Anour.

CABOT corporations emea business service center in Riga, office part II /2016/ designed by interior architect Martins Pilens.


EDITOR’S NOTE. Modernist’s therapy


Modernists Editor's Note

Photo : PLEASE WAIT TO BE SEATED, Marie Claire Maison, Flack Studio, Architectural Digest, thecoolhunter, Pinterest, Sight Unseen


if you buy one thing

palette table

Harmonious composite of different sizes, shapes, colours and materials which elegantly come together in a cohesive design. Each table beautifully balances different shapes at varying heights which form a unified whole. Featuring a painter’s palette shape, a circle, a rounded rectangle, an elongated oval and a hexagon.

Achieved with Jamie Hayon’s typical, playful approach to practicality – with plenty of personality.




Icon of the month: Monsieur Tati

Jacques Tati Modernists



EDITOR’S NOTE. New spot in the city


And this is where we step in, focusing not so much on the whole comfortable private living interiors, but in 2017 Modernists aim to become trendsetter in the field of home and corporate office design, which for us meant MOVING ON, MOVING FURTHER and MOVING TO A DIFFERENT address. Opening new, more spacious showroom in March this year, located on one of the busiest streets in Riga, Kr.Barona 31, is a great challenge we want to share with you. So Modernists will be at a hand’s reach serving its best design combined with boutique champagne. Innovative decisions, experts advice, latest trends, lively and open communication. We are on our way with bunch of surprises to follow!


M.P.: Well, first to mention, the idea didn’t come in one day, it was obvious that we had to change something as the whole world is demanding something new and unseen and you have to notice it before everyone else does, so we are working hard. Second, all my latest big projects were connected with smaller or larger scale office projects – like L’Oreal, President’s office, recently finished 2300 square meters business service centre… these are just a few, the list is long enough to turn it in something serious. Third, we as Modernists design studio & showroom are expanding, working with new brands and rising stars in the field of interior and furniture design, presenting brands that have not yet been introduced to Latvian market. But let us open, so you can have your own vision!

NEW Modernists shop will open on BARONA 31, RIGA.


office made simple, yet trendy


Something that is trendy, means that soon will be OUT, but this is not the case. Interior architect Martins Pilens who in latest decade has created many recognised and award winning office spaces and interiors, has just finished his latest project. Timeless design and modernism is his key signature. Interiors that breathe are filled with iconic furniture from leading european furniture brands, and cosy settings combined with comfortable to use work spaces.

Final stage of this 2300 sqm project for CABOT Latvia has been on schedule for last 6 months, and has just opened doors to its company team workers. This is a sneak peek from the last day before opening process, which we are kindly sharing with all our design friends.

PROJECT: CABOT Latvia business service centre

SIZE: 2300 sq/m

SERVING: 170 workplaces

BRANDS: Richard Lampert, Wilde+Spieth, &tradition, New Tendency, Ophelis, Byok, Ahrend, MyKilos, String Furniture, Anour

DESIGN: interior architect Martins Pilens

YEAR: 2017










Photo: Beate Ligere