Our experience in working with interior design shows that personalized and smart office design solutions contribute greatly in facilitating the both individual and collective productivity. It is important to combine the practical with the aesthetic in order to create a pleasant working environment that suits its function and meets the needs of people working in it.

Max Bill table clock from Junghans, EUR 475
Tarsia wooden tray from Tacchini, from EUR 319
Noveau Pin Board from Please Wait To Be Seated, EUR 315
Charlie table accessories from Böwer, from 68 EUR
Container from Böwer, from EUR 98
P-Drei Bin from Böwer, from EUR 399
Tilt tray from New Tendency, from EUR 78
Hold bookend from New Tendency, from EUR 98
Batch Paper Tray from My Kilos, EUR 89
Alu Alu wall clock from Richard Lampert, EUR 59
Display for Eiermann shelving system from Richard Lampert, EUR 148
Magazine box from Richard Lampert, EUR 70
Bookend from Richard Lampert, EUR 40
Wire Pot from Menu, from EUR 59
Wire Bin from Menu, from EUR 67
True Colour Vase LP7 from &tradition, EUR 89
True Colour Vase LP6 from &tradition, EUR 129
True Colour Vase LP5 from &tradition, EUR 199
True Colour Vase LP4 from &tradition, EUR 79
True Colour Vase LP3 from &tradition, EUR 199
True Colour Vase LP2 from &tradition, EUR 239
True Colour Vase LP1 from &tradition, EUR 99

inspiration board
  • tiny holidays
    • Coffee table, Menu. Photo @atelierribe · Enquire
  • creative seating and soft fabrics
    • Rug, Golran. Photo @alla_carta · Enquire
  • light and space
    • Marble round table, New Tendency. Photo @newtendency · Enquire
  • vintage touch
    • Rug, Golran. Photo @bettercph · Enquire
  • statement pieces
    • Table organisers and furniture, Bower. Photo @boewer_furniture · Enquire
  • latest trends in the right amount
    • Table, shelf, New Tendency. Photo @designlovr · Enquire