Our experience in working with interior design shows that personalized and smart office design solutions contribute greatly in facilitating the both individual and collective productivity. It is important to combine the practical with the aesthetic in order to create a pleasant working environment that suits its function and meets the needs of people working in it.

Carpet Chipo from CC-Tapis, EUR 4147
Carpet Visioni from CC-Tapis, from EUR 5815
Carpet Giudecca from CC-Tapis, EUR 5009
Rug Umbra from Tacchini, from EUR 2689
Rug Campo from Tacchini, from EUR 4114
Carpet Triangles Gold from Golran, from EUR 2 550
Carpet Triangles Black/Cream from Golran, from EUR 2 550
Carpet Triangles Sweet Green, Sweet Pink from Golran, from EUR 2 550
Carpet Triangles from Golran, from EUR 2 550
Carpet Lake from Golran, from EUR 8 700
Carpet Paralleli by Dimore Studio for Golran, from EUR 11 400
The Moor Rug AP8 from &tradition, EUR 2700
The Moor Rug AP6 from &tradition, EUR 1799
The Moor Rug AP7 from &tradition, EUR 1999
The Moor Rug AP5 from &tradition, EUR 1399

inspiration board
  • tiny holidays
    • Coffee table, Menu. Photo @atelierribe · Enquire
  • creative seating and soft fabrics
    • Rug, Golran. Photo @alla_carta · Enquire
  • light and space
    • Marble round table, New Tendency. Photo @newtendency · Enquire
  • vintage touch
    • Rug, Golran. Photo @bettercph · Enquire
  • statement pieces
    • Table organisers and furniture, Bower. Photo @boewer_furniture · Enquire
  • latest trends in the right amount
    • Table, shelf, New Tendency. Photo @designlovr · Enquire