Our experience in working with interior design shows that personalized and smart office design solutions contribute greatly in facilitating the both individual and collective productivity. It is important to combine the practical with the aesthetic in order to create a pleasant working environment that suits its function and meets the needs of people working in it.

Planet Lamp from Please Wait To Be Seated, EUR 643
Blooper Table Lamp from Please Wait To Be Seated, EUR 350
Bon Ton lamp N1 by Cristina Celestino, EUR 488
Bon Ton lamp N2 by Cristina Celestino, EUR 398
Bon Ton lamp N3 by Cristina Celestino, EUR 428
Y-model pendant light from Anour, from EUR 1980
X-model pendant light from Anour, from EUR 2100
T-model desk light from Anour, from EUR 980
I-model pendant light from Anour, from EUR 1110
Divar Model wall light from Anour, from EUR 420
December Floor Lamp from New Tendency, EUR 1228
Ottoman Pendant from My Kilos, EUR 340
Hang Jack light fixture from My Kilos, EUR 395
Hallo Work Wall Lamp from My Kilos, EUR 890
Harrison Chandelier from Menu, from EUR 552
Franklin Chandelier from Menu, from EUR 492
Copenhagen Pendant SC6 from &tradition, EUR 199
Copenhagen Pendant SC7 from &tradition, EUR 379
Copenhagen Pendant SC8 from &tradition, EUR 729
Mass Light Pendant NA5 from &tradition, EUR 169
Flowerpot Table VP4 from &tradition, from EUR 289
Light Forest OD2 from &tradition, EUR 1199
Bellevue Wall AJ9 from &tradition, EUR 319
Bellevue Table AJ8 from &tradition, EUR 499
Marble Light SV6 from &tradition, EUR 219
Flowerpot Table Lamp VP3 from &tradition, EUR 289
Passepartout JH12 from &tradition, EUR 229
Passepartout JH11 from &tradition, EUR 229
Passepartout JH10 from &tradition, EUR 229
Marble Light SV from &tradition, EUR 203
Light Forest OD1 from &tradition, EUR 1079
Blown Pendant SW3 from &tradition, EUR 349
Utzon Pendant JU1 from &tradition, from EUR 229
Flowerpot Pendant VP2 from &tradition, EUR 604
Flowerpot Pendant VP1 from &tradition, from EUR 199
Bellevue Floor Lamp AJ7 from &tradition, from EUR 669

inspiration board
  • tiny holidays
    • Coffee table, Menu. Photo @atelierribe · Enquire
  • creative seating and soft fabrics
    • Rug, Golran. Photo @alla_carta · Enquire
  • light and space
    • Marble round table, New Tendency. Photo @newtendency · Enquire
  • vintage touch
    • Rug, Golran. Photo @bettercph · Enquire
  • statement pieces
    • Table organisers and furniture, Bower. Photo @boewer_furniture · Enquire
  • latest trends in the right amount
    • Table, shelf, New Tendency. Photo @designlovr · Enquire