In 2018 Modernists has launched SELECTED line of design items by iconic and new emerging star designers. Here you will find latest objects of desire, must-have interior pieces and our own MODERNIST DESIGN items to fit your lifestyle

H55 lounge chair / Richard Lampert
EUR 1280
h57 chair
H57 lounge chair / Richard Lampert
from EUR 1560
Fly Three Seater sofa / &tradition
from EUR 4473
Highlife sofa / Tacchini
from EUR 3101
Ischia sectional sofa / Tacchini
from EUR 1903
Sesann sofa / Tacchini
from EUR 3831
Face To Face lounge sofa / Tacchini
EUR 3580
Chill-Out High corner sofa from Tacchini, from EUR 2770
fat tom pouf
Fat Tom pouf with backrest /
Richard Lampert, from EUR 3560
fat tom pouf
Fat Tom pouf / Richard Lampert
from EUR 1990
little tom
Little Tom stool / Richard Lampert
from EUR 890
Cloud Pouf LN4 / &tradition
from EUR 893
Cloud LN3 Three Seater / &tradition
from EUR 3009
Cloud LN2 Two Seater / &tradition
from EUR 2954
cloud one ln1
Cloud LN1 One Seater / &tradition
EUR 2266
Fly SC1 chair / & tradition
from EUR 1830
fly pouf &tradition
Fly Pouf / &tradition
from EUR 1049
Fly Sofa with sidetables / &tradition
from EUR 3557
Fly Sofa / &tradition
from EUR 3253
mayor sofa
Mayor Sofa / &tradition
from EUR 4465
Palette JH8 table / &tradition
EUR 1235

inspiration board
  • tiny holidays
    • Coffee table, Menu. Photo @atelierribe · Enquire
  • creative seating and soft fabrics
    • Rug, Golran. Photo @alla_carta · Enquire
  • light and space
    • Marble round table, New Tendency. Photo @newtendency · Enquire
  • vintage touch
    • Rug, Golran. Photo @bettercph · Enquire
  • statement pieces
    • Table organisers and furniture, Bower. Photo @boewer_furniture · Enquire
  • latest trends in the right amount
    • Table, shelf, New Tendency. Photo @designlovr · Enquire