Carpet Paralleli B3 by Dimore Studio for Golran, from EUR 11 400

Designer Dimore Studio.

The collection reflects DIMORESTUDIO’s custom of bringing together different materials and eras while using the rug’s texture to express them in a new way. Baroque allusions of embroidery, edgings, frames and ornamental motifs and personalised revisitations of Persian and Indian patterns contrast with the simplicity of exquisite monochrome and contemporary-art inserts.

Geometric shapes and lines reference minimalism and American post-pictorial abstractionism. The weave features metallic inserts, like scoring; thick, visible seams to stitch these different worlds together. The collection is available in three versions according to colour scheme and finishing details.

Material: pure Natural Wool 70 %; pure Silk 15%;  Metal 15%.

Sizes : 300×250; 350×260; 400×300.

Price: from 11 400 EUR