Those who have at least once worked from home know the importance of a good working space. Home office can be one of the most important spaces in a private apartment. It can be a treasured shrine, a room to hide away from the everyday office buzz, or a space in which an inspiration can be unearthed and transformed in a productive energy.

lintex board
Mood Fabric Mobile / Lintex
from EUR 1338
Mood Fabric Wall / Lintex
from EUR 388
Flow Wall / Lintex
from EUR 68
Edge table screen / Lintex
from EUR 190
Air Flow whiteboard / Lintex
from EUR 338
Noveau Pin Board /
Please Wait To Be Seated from EUR 315
tilt tray
Tilt tray / New Tendency
from EUR 78
bookend hold
Hold bookend / New Tendency
from EUR 98
batch paper tray my kilos
Batch Paper Tray / My Kilos
EUR 89
bower container
Container / Böwer
from EUR 98
Charlie table accessories / Böwer
from 68 EUR
Tarsia wooden tray / Tacchini
from EUR 312
alu alu wall clock
Alu Alu wall clock / Richard Lampert
EUR 59
wire bin
Wire Bin / Menu
from EUR 67
Max Bill table clock / Junghans
EUR 475
P-Drei Bin / Böwer
from EUR 399
menu pot
Wire Pot / Menu
from EUR 59
& tradition true colour
True Colour Vase / &tradition
from EUR 79
Bookend / Richard Lampert
EUR 40
Magazine box from Richard Lampert, EUR 70
Display for Eiermann shelving system from Richard Lampert, EUR 148