Those who have at least once worked from home know the importance of a good working space. Home office can be one of the most important spaces in a private apartment. It can be a treasured shrine, a room to hide away from the everyday office buzz, or a space in which an inspiration can be unearthed and transformed in a productive energy.

I-model pendant light / Anour
from EUR 1288
x model lamp
X-model pendant light / Anour
from EUR 2416
Y-model pendant light / Anour
EUR 2105
Babette lamp by Cristina Celestino /
Torremato, EUR 485
hang jack
Hang Jack light fixture / My Kilos
EUR 405
ottoman pendant lamp
Ottoman Pendant / My Kilos
EUR 346
Bon Ton N1 lamp by Cristina Celestino /
Torremato, EUR 435
Bon Ton N2 lamp by Cristina Celestino /
Torremato, EUR 390
Bon Ton N3
Bon Ton N3 lamp by Cristina Celestino /
Torremato, EUR 385
Copenhagen SC8 pendant / &tradition
EUR 686
Copenhagen SC7 pendant / &tradition
EUR 384
Copenhagen SC6 pendant / &tradition
EUR 206
utzon lamp
Utzon JU1 pendant / &tradition
from EUR 233
Flowerpot VP1 pendant / &tradition
from EUR 219
flowerpot VP2
Flowerpot VP2 pendant / &tradition
EUR 604
franklin lamp
Franklin Chandelier / Menu
from EUR 492
harrison lamp
Harrison Chandelier / Menu
from EUR 552
Blown SW3 pendant / &tradition
EUR 357
Marble Light SV2-SV7 / &tradition
from EUR 191
Mass Light Pendant NA5 / &tradition
EUR 178
Passepartout JH10 - JH12 wall lamp /
&tradition, from EUR 316
planet lamp
Planet Lamp / Please Wait To Be Seated
EUR 648
divar model anour
Divar Model wall light / Anour
from EUR 420
hallo work my kilos
Hallo Work Wall Lamp / My Kilos
EUR 504
light forest
Light Forest OD1-OD2 / &tradition,
from EUR 1099
Bellevue AJ9 wall lamp / &tradition
EUR 316
floor lamp new tendency
December Floor Lamp / New Tendency
EUR 1220
Bellevue Floor Lamp AJ7 from &tradition, from EUR 669
Bellevue AJ8 table lamp / &tradition
EUR 480
Flowerpot VP4 table lamp / &tradition
from EUR 290
Marble SV6 light / &tradition
EUR 206
Flowerpot VP3 table lamp / &tradition
EUR 290
t model
T-model desk light / Anour
from EUR 774
blooper lamp
Blooper Table Lamp /
Please Wait To Be Seated, EUR 350