Those who have at least once worked from home know the importance of a good working space. Home office can be one of the most important spaces in a private apartment. It can be a treasured shrine, a room to hide away from the everyday office buzz, or a space in which an inspiration can be unearthed and transformed in a productive energy.

pin coat
Pin Coat / Moormann
from EUR 336
Lader / Moormann
from EUR 865
Bookinist chair / Moormann
EUR 2642
Rivet Rocker bar (used) / BordBar
EUR 1422
Showcase cabinet Shade
Showcase cabinet Shade / Böwer
EUR 3640
Dresser cabinet Shade / Böwer
EUR 2320
Highboard 120
Highboard 120 / Böwer
from EUR 4200
sideboard 180
Sideboard 180 / Böwer
from EUR 4500
bower sideboard
Sideboard 240 / Böwer
from EUR 5380
Bazar coat rack / Richard Lampert
EUR 298
Hash coat rack / New Tendency
EUR 435
Easy coat Rack / My Kilos
EUR 230
string storage
Works mobile storage unit / String
from EUR 484
stak trolley
Stak trolley system / Richard Lampert
from EUR 258