Those who have at least once worked from home know the importance of a good working space. Home office can be one of the most important spaces in a private apartment. It can be a treasured shrine, a room to hide away from the everyday office buzz, or a space in which an inspiration can be unearthed and transformed in a productive energy.

Der Kleine Lehner shelf / Moormann
from EUR 278
Egal shelf / Mormann
from EUR 1778
FNP shelf / Mormann
from EUR 1059
Pocket shelf / String
from EUR 132
string system
Lounge System / String
EUR 476
string system XL
Shelving System / String
string system wardrobe
String Wardrobe / String
from EUR 766
home office string
Home office system / String
Kitchen system / String
Office System from String, from EUR 789
Free standing shelf from String, from EUR 956
eiermann shelving
Eiermann Shelving System / Richard Lampert
Eiermann Shelving System
Eiermann Shelving System /
Richard Lampert, from EUR 830
RL shelving system
Frame shelving system / Richard Lampert
from EUR 890
click shelf
Click shelf system / New Tendency
from EUR 298
click shelf new tendency
Click shelf system / New Tendency