Those who have at least once worked from home know the importance of a good working space. Home office can be one of the most important spaces in a private apartment. It can be a treasured shrine, a room to hide away from the everyday office buzz, or a space in which an inspiration can be unearthed and transformed in a productive energy.

B 97 table / Thonet
from EUR 478
B9 tables / Thonet
from EUR 465
S 285 desk / Thonet
from EUR 3588
E1 frame
Eiermann E1 table frame /
Richard Lampert from EUR 230
E1 Eiermann
Eiermann E1 table / Richard Lampert,
from EUR 392
Eiermann E2 table / Richard Lampert
from EUR 332
Milla bar table / Richard Lampert
EUR 540
milla lecture desk
Milla high desk from Richard Lampert
from EUR 448
flip table richard lampert
Flip folding balcony table /
Richard Lampert, EUR 490
electric string frame
Electric height adjustable table frame /
String, from EUR 1404
Electric height adjustable table /
String, from EUR 1697
Gateleg table / Böwer
on request
masa table frame
Masa table frame / New Tendency
from EUR 1007
masa table
Masa table / New Tendency
from EUR 1025
Kelly T table / Tacchini
from EUR 1407
busy square table
Busy Square table / My Kilos
EUR 3025
SK6 table
In Between SK6 table SK6 / &tradition
EUR 1579
In Between SK5 table / &tradition
EUR 1304
busy round
Busy Table Round / My Kilos
EUR 2420
In Between SK4 table / &tradition
EUR 1401
In Between SK3 table / &tradition
EUR 850
Palette JH9 table / &tradition
EUR 2061